Environmental friendliness is one of the main benefits of powder coating. While conventional coating methods use volatile solvents to provide coverage and flow, powder coating processes are dry and solvent-free.  This means that minimal toxic compounds are released.  No powder escapes into the atmosphere during coating procedures. 

Environmental Benefits of Powder Coating

  • Powder coating isn’t associated with any air or water-related problems.  There is a much higher risk of sagging, running or contamination during liquid coating processes.
  • Far less waste is created than during conventional coating methods.  Any powder that doesn’t adhere to the product falls into a collection hopper, from which it is sieved and re-used to minimise waste.  The minimal cured waste powder that is left over is not hazardous and can be land-filled.
  • Powder coating reduces air pollution.  Meanwhile, conventional coating uses volatile solvents to provide coverage and flow.
  • Unlike liquid coating methods, no energy is required to evaporate the solvent.

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