One of the questions we get asked most when people are deciding which type of coating to use is,

Is powder coating durable?

The answer is:


In fact, powder coating provides a finish so superior that it can’t be achieved using wet paint.

Located near to West Midlands’ major cities, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry, Ercon have experience in powder coating a wide range of items to the highest possible quality.  We are known for our premium services and bespoke powder coating projects.

For a first-rate, vibrant finish, powder coating is the most durable option.

Here’s why…


As powder coating doesn’t drip or run, powder-coated components benefit from a more uniform coating than wet painted items, with colours that stay brighter for longer.

Powder coating is applied as a much thicker film than liquid paint, which protects components against oxidation and damage.


Powder coating is resistant and cured at high temperatures to ensure that components are as well protected as possible.  Curing involves a thermal bonding process that causes powder-coated components to develop resistance against:

  • Weather
  • Chemicals
  • Corrosion
  • Scratching
  • Chipping
  • Wear and tear

It is because of this that so many powder-coated items are suited to outdoor use; car parts, garden tools, garden furniture, playground equipment… these all need the most durable coatings possible for long-lasting usage.

Curing sets the powder coating, making it impact and abrasion resistant.  Despite the high temperatures of curing, there is no negative impact on the powder coating texture.  Ercon offers a range of finishes, whether glossy, matte or anywhere in between.  All of our textures are premium, long-lasting finishes that are designed to give your products a stylish, durable finish.

How Ercon’s Powder Coating Could Help You

Durability tends to be one of the main reasons that many choose Ercon powder coating over other coating methods.  Other reasons include powder coating’s environmentally friendly benefits, time efficiency and precise application.

Looking for the best type of coating for your products?  Tell us about your project and we’ll advise you as to the best coating options for your requirements.