Although aluminium is one of the most frequently powder-coated materials, there are concerns that people tend to have about their aluminium finishes.

You won’t have to worry about these if you work with a reputable powder coaters though.  Ercon have over 35 years’ experience and are easily accessible across the West Midlands: We’re located in Wolverhampton’s Bilston, near to Birmingham, Coventry and Walsall.

These are the top three concerns that arise when it comes to powder coating aluminium.

  1. Inconsistent colour match
  2. Filiform Corrosion
  3. Orange Peel and Chalking

Here’s how Ercon eliminates any risk of these issues.

Inconsistent Powder Coating Colour Match

Commit to one powder coater to avoid inconsistent colour matching across your products.  To ensure constant quality, research powder coaters in your area and submit your finish enquiries to an experienced, reliable provider.

Different powder coaters work with different suppliers, so their finish ranges will vary.  Ercon will powder coat your products in virtually any colour.  We work with two suppliers, Thermaset and Inver, whose extensive finish ranges provide you with total individuality and choice.

To learn more about Ercon’s powder coating finishes, read our blog posts on our finishes and colour matching services.

Filiform Corrosion

Filiform corrosion appears under the coating of a product; it separates the coating from the item, causing it to peel away.  A reputable powder coater will prevent filiform corrosion when coating aluminium by using a powder coating that contains

  • A thermosetting resin, usually polyurethane, polyester or acrylic
  • An epoxy resin (for adhesion)
  • An ultra-violet light absorber or a hindered amine light stabiliser (or a combination of these)

Powder coating that compiles these materials is ideal for aluminium products.  With the right finish, any risk of filiform corrosion can be avoided.  Check which type of coating will be used by your powder coaters to ensure that your aluminium products will be finished to the highest possible quality.

Orange Peel and Chalking

‘Orange peel’ refers to the damaged texture of powder coating caused by

  • A powder coating that is too reactive has been applied
  • A film thickness that is too high or too low
  • Insufficient pre-treatment

Chalking refers to the process where a white powder appears on the surface of powder coating due to an incorrect curing process.

Both orange peel and chalking issues can be completely avoided by working with a reliable powder coaters who has a track record of quality projects.  A reputable coater will use the best powder types for each project, and the correct curing processes for each project.


How Ercon Can Help You

For expert powder coating advice and services, Ercon completes every project to your individual needs, from finish to colour, to packaging.  We recognise industry time pressures and work to facilitate ease of dealing with these.  That’s why we offer a 48-hour turnaround for coating and 7-10 days for engineered products.

You can get the level of support you need because we have the resource and infrastructure in place to deliver the speed and standard of care expected.

Ercon can also arrange logistics for you. We are more than happy to offer our collection and delivery service.

To enquire about your aluminium powder coating project, sign up to speak to a powder coating expert.