Give your products the perfect colour finish by choosing from Ercon’s extensive RAL colour spectrum.  The choices are endless.  But what if your products need to be colour matched to another object or design scheme?

Ercon can do this too.  Here’s how…

There are four methods that we recommend using to achieve the closest powder coating colour match possible.

  • Experience: Our highly experienced production manager, Neil, has specialised in powder coating for a number of years. He is particularly skilled when it comes to matching colours from samples and photographs.
  • Colour Swatches: Ercon work with large powder suppliers, such as Thermaset and Inver, who supply colour swatches that can be used to easily compare and check colours.
  • Online: We recommend the e-paint website.  Enter the code number for the paint that you wish to match to, and the site will provide the code for the closest matching colour.
  • Powder Suppliers: Another option is to supply the paint sample to be matched to a powder manufacturer, and they will complete a colour matching service for you. Companies like Thermaset will be able to supply a colour match off the shelf, but they also specially formulate and manufacture paint on occasion.

To ensure we meet your exact requirements, Ercon carries out all colour matching processes in close communication with you.  We’re easily locatable across the West Midlands; most of our clients are located around the Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry area.

RAL Colour

RAL shades cover pretty much any colour you could want.  Each classic shade is labelled with a 4-digit code to group them as follows:

  • Beige/yellow/ivory – Shades beginning in 1
  • Orange – Shades beginning in 2
  • Red/pink – Shades beginning in 3
  • Purple – Shades beginning in 4
  • Blue – Shades beginning in 5
  • Green – Shades beginning in 6
  • Grey – Shades beginning in 7
  • Brown – Shades beginning in 8
  • White/black – Shades beginning in 9

Ercon offers a range of shades and finishes to suit all tastes, and all of our finishes are resistant to corrosion and harsh environments.

Ercon have access to all the major powder coatings and wet paint manufacturers in the UK.  We also maintain a wide range of popular colours and finishes in-house.  This means that we’re in the best position possible to colour match your products.

For more information on how we can colour match your products, sign up to speak to a powder coating expert.


Colour Psychology

Colour choice is integral to your powder coating process.  It shapes the mood of your product users and the room ambience.  Choose the right colour for your products and the finish will be flawless.

Think about what your choice of colour says about your product.  How will users perceive this colour?  How will it impact the mood in your environment or setting?  If in doubt, Ercon will always be more than happy to advise you.

A custom colour might be the best option for your product if you’re looking for a particular effect.  Understanding warm and cool colours is a great place to start.  Warm and cool colours incite different emotional reactions – are you looking for the peaceful, relaxing ambience of a cool tone? Or the passion and energy of a warm tone?  In the words of Joseph Addison, ‘Colours speak all languages.’