We are delighted to post a guest piece from Thermaset’s Danielle Ellison. Thermaset is one of our major powder coating suppliers.  They supply an exhaustive collection of coloured and textured powders to meet every design need you could think of.

Danielle provides a useful insight into the technical side of powder coating: the different types and their purposes. With Danielle’s knowledge, you can identify the best type of powder coating for your projects.

Types of powder coating supplied by Thermaset

  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Architectural
  • Epoxy
  • Epoxy Polyester
  • Polyester
  • Nylon Modified
  • Post Forming



Anti-bacterial powder coating kills up to 99.9% of bacterial throughout the products lifetime. The anti-bacterial element to the powder will eradicate MRSAE.ColiSalmonella and many other strands of bacteria.

It’s essential when using an anti-bacterial powder that the surface is free from grease and dirt. Products also benefit from the use of a primer that is zinc rich to create the best-primed surface before being sprayed. An anti-bacterial powder is suitable for outdoors and will not reduce the anti-bacterial properties quicker than the product being used indoors. Anti-bacterial powder coating is often used on agricultural equipment, hospital equipment as well as laboratory equipment.


Architectural powder coating uses a number of different resins to create a tough, durable and decorative product that is both for interior and exterior use. All architectural grade powder will have been through vigorous testing to ensure the grade of the powder, although the tests have been conducted they should only be a guide for the coater as each different environment will react differently with the coating.


An epoxy coating can be formulated to create a number of different finishes including matte, semi-gloss and gloss. An epoxy powder is an efficient powder as it has good charging properties and good transferability. It is highly recommended that epoxy powder is for indoor use only. The product is a durable indoor powder which is used on a variety of household good, sports equipment and even internal vehicle components.

Epoxy Polyester

Epoxy polyester has a similar makeup to epoxy powder but with added heat stability and exterior durability. This type of coating is often used to create a tough but lavish finish to products such as company equipment, domestic appliances and office furniture. In the case that epoxy polyester powder is sprayed for external use there may be a small chalking effect, but the protective qualities will not be affected.


Polyester powder is designed for excellent interior and exterior durability. This powder is heat-resistant, allowing it to be used on heaters, radiators, and cookers. Although the powder is used on these products. it can also be used on non-heated products such as furniture, window frames, and automotive components.


Nylon-modified powder coating can be used for both interior and exterior use and is created to be extra scuff and abrasion resistant.

Post Forming

A post-forming powder is manufactured using selected polyester resins and pigments to create superior flexibility allowing items to be formed to shape after it has been powder coated. The highly flexible powder has brilliant outdoor durability as well as indoor endurance, it also has the sort after attribute of having increased abrasion resistance.

Powder Coating Advice

If you’d like further advice on powder coating types, sign up to speak to a powder coating expert.