Ercon is all about individuality when it comes to your powder coating projects.  That’s why we’ll tailor your products with our extensive range of powder coating flat and textured finishes.

We’ll help you to identify the best finishes for your products and coat them to the highest possible standard.

Ercon can apply any powder coating manufactured by our suppliers, Thermaset and Inver.  If it can be manufactured, Ercon can apply it.

Specially formulated powder coating finishes have become increasingly durable over recent years as a result of technological advances.  Ercon will coat your products to provide a flawless finish and strong, supportive protection.

Let’s dig deeper into the powder coating finishes that Ercon can apply to bring your products to life.

Matte Powder Coating | Ercon Powder Coating | West Midlands

Matte Powder Coating

Simple but effective.  Ercon’s matte range comes in limitless colours.  Select from our RAL chart or use our colour matching services to get that clean, matte look for your products.





Gloss Powder Coating | Ercon Powder Coating | West MidlandsGloss Powder Coating

Achieve a flawless sheen with Ercon’s range of gloss finishes.  We’ll powder coat your products to one of three stages depending on your desired level of gloss:

  • A satin appearance, which is more three-dimensional than matte, but isn’t reflective.
  • A medium gloss appearance, which gives the illusion of depth and a little reflection.
  • Full gloss, a complete reflective shine that gives a fascinating illusion of wetness.



Sparkle Powder Coating | Ercon Powder Coating | West MidlandsSparkle Powder Coating

If you’re after a glamourous finish, the mesmerising sparkle finish will be ideal for you.  Your products will catch the light, casting rainbow colour spectrums from every angle.  This is the choice for show-stopping pieces.




Hammer Powder Coating

The hammer effect can be compared to a sand texture.  Its distressed look appears antique.  Metallic pigments of gold or silver weave through a dark undercoating.

Popular for home decoration projects, our hammer texture powder coating adds a touch of class to your designs.




Spatter Powder Coating | Ercon Powder Coating | West MidlandsSpatter Powder Coating

For a blitz of colour, choose the spatter texture for a multi-coloured finish that is reminiscent of tie-dye.  This retro finish will brighten your products with a fashionable edge.





Clearcoat Powder Coating | Ercon Powder Coating | West MidlandsClearcoat Powder Coating

Our fresh-looking clearcoat finish encases your products in a shiny, transparent casing to protect your pieces and give them a subtle sheen.





 Chrome Powder Coating

Replicate the chrome effects on your automotive trim and wheels with Ercon’s chrome power coating finish.  If your parts are automotive, this is the authentic finish for you.







Marble powder coating | Ercon powder coating | West MidlandsMarble Powder Coating

If your products bring an air of elegance to the table, our marble finish will enhance them with a touch of class.  A marble finish will complete your products with a captivating opulence and sense of grandeur.




Choosing Your Powder Coating Texture

Ercon powder coating projects are mostly tailored for

  • Architectural products
  • Automotive parts
  • Energy industry machinery and equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Furniture
  • Household appliances

For advice on choosing colour and texture for your powder coating project, sign up below for a free consultation.

We’re conveniently located in the centre of the West Midlands for powder coating projects across Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Walsall and surrounding cities.