Anything that can survive the high temperatures of curing in a powder coating process can potentially be powder coated; materials from wood, composite materials, glass, metal, MDF… even some plastics.

Ercon can tailor your products to fit the style, colour and finish that you need for your environment. When we are asked, ‘What can you powder coat?’, the answers are too extensive to list.

Some of the most frequently powder coated items are

refrigerators, washer tops and lids, water heaters, air conditioners, dishwasher racks, wheels, bumpers, hubcaps, door handles, trim and accent parts, truck beds, radiators, filters, engine parts, door and window frames, signs and posts, fencing, tractors, golf clubs and carts, ski poles and binding, exercise equipment, racks and shelves, vending machines, metal furniture, wooden furniture, prams, cribs, metal toys, lawn mowers, barbecue grills, patio furniture, garden tools, electronic components, bathroom fittings, appliances, tool boxes and fire extinguishers.

But we want to hear about your individual projects, so we can tailor our powder coating process to you.

Located in Bilston, with easy access to Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry, we are a leading provider of powder coating in the West Midlands. Known for our premium-quality coating services and reliability, we personalise everything from colour, to finish, to packaging, in order to meet your needs.

Types Of Powder Coating

There are two main types of powder coating: Thermoplastic powders and Thermosetting powders.

Thermoplastic powders melt and flow with the application of heat but retain the same chemical composition when they cool and solidify. As they do not chemically react or cross-link, they can be reheated for re-coating, a huge benefit for items that need to be re-touched. The desired thickness of coating is achieved by re-dipping.

However, thermosetting powders are more commonly used; these are developed from solid resins that melt and flow chemically, and cross-link to form a higher molecule-weight product.

Thermosetting powders require lower curing temperatures than thermoplastic resins. Components can be added to the powder coating to control at which point the chemical reaction occurs during the curing phase.

Stock or custom formulations are used to meet the end user’s specification for corrosion and impact resistance, cure cycle, gloss, colour and texture.

Thermosetting powders are often developed from the following resins.


Epoxy Powder Coating

Epoxy powder coating provides a low-gloss finish, smooth coating and electrical properties. Though this coating is low-cost, it is also low-maintenance and long-lasting. Epoxy powder coating protects components from chemical damage, corrosion and abrasion.powder coating office furniture

Epoxy powder coating is a popular choice for:

  • automobile insulators and springs
  • distribution piping
  • bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • bus seat frames
  • fertiliser spreaders
  • fire extinguishers
  • furnaces
  • garden tools
  • hospital equipment
  • instrument cases
  • office furniture
  • air conditioners
  • sewing machines


Urethane-Polyester Powder Coating

Urethane-polyester powder coating is ideal for decorative and protective applications. This type of coating provides durable, smooth, weather-resistant surfaces that are salt-spray-resistant and come in a range of colours, in low-gloss finishes with superior gloss retention and anti-graffiti properties.

Tractor powder coating

Urethane-polyester powder coating is a popular choice for:

  • air conditioners
  • chrome wheels and trims
  • steel and aluminium wheels
  • fence fittings
  • fluorescent light fittings
  • tractors
  • ornamental iron
  • patio furniture
  • playground equipment
  • range side panels
  • restaurant furniture


Polyester-Triglycidyl Isocyanurate (Polyester TGIC) powder coating

Polyester TGIC offers excellent gloss retention, overbake colour stability and mechanical properties. It is salt-spray-resistant, comes in a range of colours and doesn’t release volatile compounds while curing.

Powder coating playground equipmentPolyester TGIC is a popular choice for

  • air conditioners
  • aluminium extrusions
  • automotive trims
  • irrigation piping
  • garden equipment and furniture
  • playground equipment
  • steel wheels
  • wire fences

Acrylic Powder Coating

Acrylic powder coating offers smooth finishes that are resistant to alkali, chemicals and corrosion. Acrylic powder coating provides a thin building film capacity and excellent gloss retention.

Powder coating primers trims top coatsAcrylic coating is a popular choice in the automotive sector for

  • primers
  • trims
  • top coats


How Ercon Can Help You

Tell us about your project and we will advise you as to the best powder coating options for your requirements.