When it comes to powder coating, you want to be sure that you can trust your powder coater.  You need to know that your projects will be completed to the utmost quality, providing a premium finish for the lifetime of the item.

But if your projects are carried out by inexperienced powder coaters, you may risk certain mistakes being made, causing powder coating to chip, fade or rust.

Damage may be caused by:

  • Under-curing
  • Over-curing
  • Excessive powder coating
  • Insufficient prep
  • Exposure to ultra-violet rays
  • Application of harsh chemicals

Ercon attracts a wide range of powder coating projects across West Midlands’ cities; Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry.  We powder coat a variety of materials, finishing your products to the best quality possible, in stylish finishes, textures and colours.  We take pride in coating our bespoke projects to deadline, every time.



Chipping occurs when powder coating doesn’t complete its full cycle.  This occurs if the powder coating isn’t heated for long enough and is under-cured, or if components are heated at temperatures that are too low.  Similar effects are induced by over-curing items.  It’s vital that your powder coater has strict timing and temperature regulations to ensure optimum finishes.

Excessive powder can also cause powder coating to chip.  If the powder coating is too thick, there may not be enough space between the components, causing them to brush against each other and damage the coating before it has dried.  Applying a layer of powder coating that is too thick creates a finish that resembles orange peel and doesn’t achieve the desired texture.

Insufficient prep work can also cause powder coating to chip.  Ensure your powder coaters don’t skip pre-treatment to reduce costs or for any other reason.  Preparation is just as important as the powder coating process if you want to achieve a flawless finish, especially as pre-treatment minimises the risks of rust and corrosion.


Fade and Rust

Minimise exposure to ultra-violet rays to eliminate the risk of your powder-coated projects fading.  Weather exposure, particularly to oxygen and rain, has the capacity to cause rust over a long period of time.  For items that must be stored outside, regular cleaning will slow the process of fading and rust, though harsh chemicals will damage the finish.

If your product does fade, we recommend re-spraying to increase the lifespan of the item.


How Ercon Powder Coating Could Help You

Ercon powder coating minimises the risks of chipping, fading and rusting through our top-quality procedures and rigorous quality control.

To learn more or to find out whether your products are best-suited to powder coating, sign up below to speak to a powder coating expert.