No 2 powder coating projects are the same, so working out the powder coating cost isn’t always straight forwards.

You have to compare so many different factors, looking at the choice of colour, the size and quantity of the part, the thickness and much more. It’s for this reason a powder coating provider can’t simply say “the price will be this.”

With that in mind, we are exploring the powder coating cost factors so that you can start thinking about what you require from your powder coating project.

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How To Calculate Powder Coating Cost?

A lot goes into calculating what the powder coating price will be, including:

  • the weight of the powder
  • the transfer efficiency for your components*
  • the required thickness of the powder
  • the type of powder: epoxy, urethane, polyester TGIC, acrylic
  • any required colour matching
  • the required powder colours
  • the required texture
  • the component size(s)
  • the required application method(s)
  • the level of required pre-treatment

Why Shape Matters To The Powder Coating Prices?

Think about the difference between a flat steel panel with the intricate construction of palisade fencing. The difference in surface area is remarkable and has a dramatic impact on the cost of powder coating.

Prices are typically based on the square footage of your total components, so the larger the surface area, the greater the transfer efficiency and the more cost effective your project will be. More powder is wasted on those products with large gaps so it’s important to maximise your powder coating output where possible.

This is where speaking with powder experts near you is useful.

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Do Powder Coating Prices Include Pre-Treatment & Cleaning

Prior to powder coating, all materials need to go through a cleaning process. This removes everything from dust and dirt to grease and burrs.

Because this is an essential part of the powder coating, all powder coater providers near you should include the pre-treatment as part of the overall cost. Only with doing this will the powder coating results be of the highest quality.

Transporting Powder Coated Products?

Transport is a huge part of any powder coating project. Not only do you need to get the products from A to B and back to A again, but you also want to do so with minimum disruption to the powder coating process.

Depending on what your powder coating requirements are, your transportation may vary, and this could impact the overall cost. Some manufacturers prefer to drop off and collect their own products before and after the powder coating process, others require external haulage companies or even powder coater supplier themselves to drop off and deliver.

All of this can have an impact on the overall powder coating project cost. If you require individually wrapped powder coated components to be delivered by external companies, it’ll be more expensive than dropping off and collecting yourself.

Speak to a powder coating supplier near you to learn more.

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Powder Coating Cost

As you can see there is a lot to consider. Providing a powder coating cost relies a lot on your specific requirements.

What this guide has set out to do is highlight that and encourage you to speaking to powder quoting experts. By defining your requirements, you’ll be able to get a quote and start thinking about powder coating your parts.

Any other questions, concerns, or if you just want to find out a bit more about the cost of powder coating speak to our team today.

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