Powder coating is a dry painting method used in a wide variety of industries. Creating a tough and durable finish, available in a wide range of colours, it always follows the same process.  

In its most simple form, powder coating powder is sprayed onto the parts through a handheld gun or range of nozzles in a larger manufacturing process and then cured in an oven. During this heating process, the powder melts, essentially spreading across the entire surface before drying. 

Within powder coating, though, there are endless different opportunities to create unique colours and finishes.  

All require different powder and different heating, but all provide the same results.  

Let’s explore the possibilities below. 

Different Types of Powder Coating 

Specially formulated powder coating finishes have become increasingly durable over recent years as a result of technological advances. So, if you want a standard matte finish or powder coating in a rainbow of pearlescence and sheen, it’ll always be a flawless finish that protects the end product. And while costs for powder coating vary, let’s explore what the finishing options are.  

1: Matte Finish Powder Coating 

Simple and effective. The powder coating stalwart is available in any colour from the RAL chart, matte finish powder coating, also known as flat has a gloss level of around 30. While it does reflect some light, it’s not as clear-cut as other finishes and provides a perfect complement to any product. 

2: Gloss Powder Coating 

Starting at a gloss level of around 70, gloss is a very common powder coating finish, leaving a reflection, but one that isn’t highly refined.  

Compare that to something like a medium gloss with a gloss level of 75, and a high gloss with a level of 80 and you start getting an almost water-like finish to your powder coating, providing greater definition to all corners and edges.  

3: Sparkle Powder Coating 

Using flecks of aluminium and mica in the powder, sparkle coating helps provide powder coating finishes from pearlescence through to deep earth metallics. 

As the light catches the metallic flecks within the powder coat, you’ll be hit with a range of diamond-like light reflected rainbows.

4: Sand Texture Powder Coating 

With material added into the coating process, its name is taken from the sandpaper-like texture it creates. Sand texture powder coating creates higher levels of friction, which is required for certain applications.  

5:  Hammer Powder Coating 

The hammer effect can be compared to a sand texture.  Its distressed look provides the powder coated product with an antique aesthetic.  Metallic pigments of gold or silver weave through a dark undercoating, providing an aged texture which is becoming common in domestic projects. 

6: Clear Powder Coating 

Common when you are looking at changing the gloss levels on a finish or adding contrast and shine, clear coat powder coating can be added to any colour. The benefit is purely aesthetic as higher gloss levels are often required, although it’s common to add a clear coat to metallic powder coating as it protects the finish from oxidizing over time.


 7: Chrome & Metallic Powder Coating 

Using powder version of metallic materials, chrome and metallic powder coating give you the opportunity to replicate any automotive finishes on your parts. It’s recommended that metallic powder coating is coated in a clear layer to slow down any oxidization.  

Other Common Powder Coating Finishes 

There are a variety of other powder coating finishes that are available and need to be mentioned too, these include.  

  • Spatter Powder Coating 
  • Wet & Dry Powder Coating Variations 
  • Marble Powder Coating 
  • Wrinkle Powder Coating 

The Right Powder Coating Finish 

Finding the correct powder coating finish can be overwhelming, but powder coating experts are here to guide your decision.  

What industry are you powder coating your parts for? Are there certain requirements you need to meet? Is it a domestic or industrial project? Answering these will help tailor the right powder coating finish for you.  

Need a hand? Then fill in the form below and our experts can help you. Based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Ercon can provide a powder coating finish wherever in the UK your business is based.