Powder Coating

West Midlands Powder Coating Services

  • Do you want your products to not only perform at their best but look great, too?
  • Do you want your products to stand out from the crowd
  • Do you want your products to represent your brand values?

Then look no further than Ercon Engineering’s metal fabrication powder coating service. The solution that is:

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What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the application of a dry film powder to a ground workpiece. Once cured, it produces a high quality and durable finish.

Is Powder Coating Better Than Wet Paint?

It is much tougher than a wet paint application and is more resistant to moisture, UV, Chemicals and impacts than a wet application.

Advantages of Powder Coating

Today’s powders are extremely advanced and are available in an almost limitless variety of textures and colours.

When you partner with Ecron, you will benefit from:

   High quality finish on larger parts

   High tech recover plant, reducing power waste to an absolute minimum

   Short lead times

   Two powder coating production lines

   A simplified supply chain

   A partnership you can rely on

   Obtain most powders within 48 hours

   Special requirements can be met within a couple of weeks

Metal Fabrication Powder Coating for the West Midlands


You’re in safe hands. We have over 35 years of experience in powder coating, and provide our skills to blue-chip businesses right across the West Midlands region and beyond, including


Bilston Birmingham Cannock Coventry Coventry Dudley Kidderminster Stafford Stourbridge Telford Walsall West Bromwich Wolverhampton 



Powder Coating To Rely On

Understanding your powder coating needs

We’re a family run business that was formed in 1983 with the simple aim of providing the highest possible service to our customers and to ensure that each customer, be they small drop in jobs or large multi-coating contracts, feels that they have received a level of care and attention unparalleled in our industry.

Powder Coating Turnaround


With Ercon, time is on your side

Don’t let delays cause costly consequences.

The finishing process is quite often the final part of the manufacturing puzzle before your products are sent out for installation, assembly or to the end customer.

That’s why delivery time should be kept to an absolute minimum- something guaranteed to all clients.

Quality Powder Coating

When you invest in a metal fabrication powder coating service, you expect the best possible quality.

Here’s how that’s guaranteed with Ercon:

   Processes are reguarly and independantly audited and maintained ISO9001: 2015  certified

   A highly experienced team of powder coating experts

   Application and testing equipment, remaining at the forefront of technology

   Two conveyorised powder coating lines

   Small sampling booth

   Accomodate challenging turnaround times

   Own transport

Our plants will accomodate a maximum of 4.2m long x 2m tall x 1m wide workpieces ensuring a huge variety and number of parts can be processed at any one time

Let us help contribute to your buisness success

Unrivalled Powder Coating Results

Our systems and process’s are designed to ensure that you get a great finish and service from us on every part of every job, time after time.

When you partner with Ecron, you will benefit from:

   All parts inspected for transit damage prior to the job starting

   Shop floor continually cleaned to prevent any contamination of your parts

   High quality cleaning before powder coat application

  A phosphate layer is added to ensure greater adhesion to the substrate

   In-line spray re-treatment systems

   Careful and robust product packaging



Boss Design

“Ercon Powder Coatings have been a strategic supplier for quite some time and have been a major contributor to the growth of our business, their quality and delivery is first class, easy to approach and very professional.”

Fairway Fasteners

“After a long established partnership we continue to work with Ercon M&A who are willing to go the extra mile, Ercon find answer, to problems in a simple & professional way.”


“Ercon has done a several powder coating projects for us, and they were by far the best company we have ever used, and we have used many of them through out the years. They were professional, responsive to all questions regarding the jobs and quick in their responses.”


“Ercon Powder Coating are a joy to work with and we look forward to delivering more great projects with them in the future. Responsive, thoughtful and easy to work with, good traits to have as a trusted supplier.”