If you want your machines & equipment to look their best for longer, pre-treatment shouldn’t be overlooked.

Pre-treatment is a crucial step before we can begin the coating operation. It’s a chemical process which involves thorough cleaning and preparation of a component’s metal surface.

With Ercon in your corner, you benefit from two fully automatic powder coating lines, offering:

  • An in-line automatic spray pre-treatment process that can cater for work sizes 4M long x 1M wide x 2M high.

This carefully monitored process has achieved 1000 hours of salt spray resistance.

Surface Preparation Methods to Suit Your Powder Coating Needs

Iron Phosphate

We use a 3 stage Iron phosphate system to prepare your metal fabrications.

  • Step 1: Combined degrease of iron phosphate. This cleans the substrate and provides a phosphate conversion to ensure the best possible powder adhesion.
  • Step 2: Water rinse to remove any residue from the iron phosphate.
  • Step 3: A final water rinse of the product prior to drying.

Chemical strength, temperature and other conditions are closely monitored and measured by our team of expert technicians. This ensures the process is always performing at its best.

Pickling the Metal Surface

For thin gauge materials, we use the pickling process.

This is the process of chemically removing scale or oxide from steel to obtain a clean surface.

An inhibitor is added to prevent attack and pitting of the cleaned metal.

After pickling, a washing process takes place, followed by immersion in a limewater bath to neutralise any remaining acid.

Selecting the Right Pre-Treatment for Your Powder Coating

When it comes to pre-treatment, there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. That’s why our team will closely assess your material and select the most effective method to achieve the best result for you.

Once pre-treated, we can offer customers a variety of coating processes such as metal spraying, e-coating, powder coating and paint spraying.

Why Choose Ercon Engineering For Your Metal Fabrication & Powder Coating Needs?

Ercon Engineering is the metal fabrication and powder coating business for Midlands based manufacturers who need a simpler, greener and more efficient supply chain.

Partner with Ercon and you’ll gain:

  • A faster turnaround on finishing larger parts
  • Quicker deliveries
  • Shorter lead-times

Meaning you can:

  • Become more competitive
  • Win more work
  • Reduce your stress



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Fairway Fasteners

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