Powder Coating for the

Automotive Industry

Powder Coating for the Automotive Industry

Choosing a powder coating solution as an automotive manufacturer can be difficult, especially when you need to ensure:

  • A durable and long-lasting finish
  • Environmentally positive
  • Value for money

These challenges can be hard to overcome, but with Ercon you are sorted.

Whether needing a powder coating solution for a large volume contract or small run/one-off project, we are able to assist you in the selection and creation of a suitable finishing package to suit your needs.

You can have peace of mind relying on our expertise from years of experience in powder coating automotive applications, ranging from bodywork and wheel rims to engine components and underbody parts. You can also benefit from the array of advantages which powder coating offers.

Designed specifically to achieve the highest standard in finish, colour, quality, and corrosion-resistance, your demanding performance needs will be met with our powder coating solutions.

Why Powder Coating is Right for the Automotive Industry

Whether cars, vans, trucks or trailers, powder coating offers a high quality and durable finish that far outperforms wet paint – it is much tougher, more resistant to moisture, UV, chemicals and is far more impact-resistant.

Powder coating also offers a more uniform thickness to the surface of the metal, with a far higher film adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Finally, as a one-coat system, and with no VOCs or solvents, powder coating is a superior and more eco-friendly technology than wet paint.

A huge range of coatings and effects are available

Whether it’s decorative, functional or both, powder coatings offer you the opportunity to achieve a look that is any colour or texture – matt, satin, gloss, metallic, textures, soft touch – you name it.  And the functional characteristics range from anti-bacterial to corrosion protection and easy cleaning.


Advantages of Ercon’s Metal Fabrication Powder Coating

Today’s powders are extremely advanced and are available in an almost limitless variety of textures and colours. 

  • High quality finish on larger parts
  • 48hr standard turnaround
  • ISO9001:2015 certified
  • High-tech recover plant, reducing powder waste to an absolute minimum
  • Short lead times
  • Two powder coating production lines
  • A simplified supply chain
  • A partnership you can rely on
  • Special requirements can be met within a couple of weeks

High Quality Service

Founded in 1983, we are also a family run business, with a strong ethos surrounded on providing the best possible service and exceeding your expectations.

Founded in 1983, we are also a family run business, with a strong ethos surrounded on providing the best possible service and exceeding your expectations.

We also operate in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 standards and if any customer would require us to implement specialised quality systems for a particular project, then our management team would be only too happy to assist.

We also operate a sound environmental policy which can be viewed upon request.



Boss Design

“Ercon Powder Coatings have been a strategic supplier for quite some time and have been a major contributor to the growth of our business, their quality and delivery is first class, easy to approach and very professional.”

Fairway Fasteners

“After a long established partnership we continue to work with Ercon M&A who are willing to go the extra mile, Ercon find answer, to problems in a simple & professional way.”


“Ercon has done a several powder coating projects for us, and they were by far the best company we have ever used, and we have used many of them through out the years. They were professional, responsive to all questions regarding the jobs and quick in their responses.”


“Ercon Powder Coating are a joy to work with and we look forward to delivering more great projects with them in the future. Responsive, thoughtful and easy to work with, good traits to have as a trusted supplier.”