Powder Coating for the

Medical Industry

Powder Coating for the Medical Industry

The medical and healthcare industry works to care for thousands of patients each day, adhering to the highest of cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Because of this, choosing a functional but also attractive coating solution is incredibly important.

When you choose powder coating, not only do you achieve a superior finish than standard paint but you also can achieve an anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion, and resilient solution.

Powder coating can meet the requirements of your medical application for a hygienic, soft-touch, sterilisable coating.

Why Powder Coating is Right for the Medical Industry

Numerous products and surfaces can be powder coated, ranging from hand railings, grab rails, stair lifts and hoists to specialist hospital bed frames, architectural fabrications and even wheelchairs.

When selecting a finish for your application, you can also benefit from the capabilities powder coating offers that provide functional benefits such as easy cleaning and anti-bacterial surfaces.

A huge range of coatings and effects are available

Whether it’s decorative, functional or both, powder coatings offer you the opportunity to achieve a look that is any colour or texture – matt, satin, gloss, metallic, textures, soft touch – you name it. 

Advantages of Ercon’s Metal Fabrication Powder Coating

Whatever your project requirements, we can powder coat all types of metals for whatever function or design you may need.

When you partner with Ercon, you will benefit from: 

  • High quality finish on larger parts
  • 48hr standard turnaround
  • ISO9001:2015 certified
  • High-tech recover plant, reducing powder waste to an absolute minimum
  • Short lead times
  • Two powder coating production lines
  • A simplified supply chain
  • A partnership you can rely on
  • Special requirements can be met within a couple of weeks

We pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards for domestic projects and have a range of happy existing customers who have benefited from our state of the art equipment and superior expertise.

High Quality Service

Founded in 1983, we are also a family run business, with a strong ethos surrounded on providing the best possible service and exceeding your expectations.

We also operate in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 standards and if any customer would require us to implement specialised quality systems for a particular project, then our management team would be only too happy to assist. We also operate a sound environmental policy which can be viewed upon request.



Boss Design

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Fairway Fasteners

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“Ercon has done a several powder coating projects for us, and they were by far the best company we have ever used, and we have used many of them through out the years. They were professional, responsive to all questions regarding the jobs and quick in their responses.”


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